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Recently, expert analysis, the pattern of China's bicycle manufacturers in the world has an important position. According to incomplete statistics, in 2006 China produced more than 8,000 bicycles 10000, export volume more than 6000 million. China's bicycle production, exports and consumption volume ranks first in the world.

Cycling is a popular means of transport commonly used and fitness tools, only a selection of lightweight materials significantly reduce the weight, in order to improve the quality of bicycles, improve performance, satisfy people's diverse needs of bicycle products. Especially for electric bicycles to reduce the weight of more significance, because the vehicle weight, battery consumption will be reduced, corresponding measures can be extended after the battery on a single charge mileage. Therefore, the revolution of materials, product structure adjustment is imperative to implement a bike.

According to experts, magnesium is the second of steel, aluminum metal after the third-largest engineering material, known as "21st century green engineering material." Magnesium and magnesium alloy in weight loss, energy saving, environmental protection and recycling the enormous potential of causing more and more attention at home and abroad. In recent years, China and the United States, Japan, Russia and other countries in the bicycle frame, wheels, steering, transmission and other systems development and application of magnesium alloys. Magnesium alloy material and is now commonly used aluminum alloy bike compared to the cost of a considerable strength increase, but the weight is lighter by about one third. Therefore, the material of concern to the international bicycle industry, new material. And accelerate the industrialization of magnesium alloy bicycles, it is China's bicycle industry inevitable.

In 1936, China's first bicycle was born in Tianjin, Tianjin bicycle industry has gone through 70 years of history. From the industry recognized "Tianjin model", to being upgraded to "Tianjin advantage", Tianjin bicycle industry has never been stopped from forging ahead. In particular, through the years of development, Tianjin has become the country's largest bicycle manufacturing, distribution, export base. In 2006, the Tianjin Bicycle production reached 40.189 million, accounting for about 50% of the country's total output; export volume reached 13.465 million, accounting for about 20%. Tianjin, the annual production of bicycles and electric bicycles are ranked first in the country. Magnesium alloy is used as an opportune time to upgrade Tianjin Bicycle Industry.

To further enhance the Tianjin Bicycle production scale and technology content, Tianjin Bicycle Industry Association decided that from 2007 onwards, the magnesium alloy bicycles bike industry as a whole as to enhance the level of Tianjin, the direction of development, Tianjin will be the overall approach to advancing the next great power the development of magnesium alloy bicycle industry, based on magnesium alloy profiles, development of welding consumables and other raw materials based on traction vehicle manufacturing leader, magnesium alloy bicycles and their parts and components to achieve product standardization, generalization, and personalization, to build Tianjin, magnesium alloy bicycle boutique industry . Departments in Tianjin will be the development of technology to foster scientific and technological achievements funds in support of policies to encourage the development of magnesium alloy bicycles and spare parts series. Tianjin Bicycle Association, the association also give full play to the role of resource integration. Erected in an industry Productivity Promotion Center as the core, to a large specialist library, three testing agencies and eight colleges and universities as the main base for production and research practice, the technology R & D platform team. Tianjin will be organized to focus on issues of technology research and the establishment of magnesium alloy bicycles development fund and other related agencies.

It is understood that, as of now, Tianjin has been Henry bicycle parts company, Ji Hong Kong bicycle, bicycle traffic is expected the three plants and large companies and other enterprises, have invested huge sums of money into the development of magnesium alloy bike areas and achieved remarkable results. Tianjin Magnesium alloy bicycle industry has entered a new round of development period.

Under the guidance of the Government's plans, Tianjin will invest 20 billion yuan, and actively create a "Chinese bicycle kingdom." This covers an area of 5 square kilometers, "the Chinese bicycle kingdom" is a great influence on industrial culture super-carrier. "Chinese bicycle kingdom" for eight major functional positioning has attracted many domestic and foreign investors. This position is eight major functions: to build a high-quality bicycles, electric bicycles and other products important production platforms and export platform; Construct a bike technology R & D and product innovation in the leading platform; to build Tianjin magnesium alloy bicycle and its industrial chain development platform; construction of Tianjin Bicycle Science and Technology Exhibition, forming a strong influence market trading platform; establishment and formation of high-grade parts and components production and development and logistics supply platform; building platform for information exchange and technical training; and construction of bike fitness exercise and Central Coastal bike race base; construction bicycle industry and tourism leisure culture landscape park resort. Through the high-end development, the introduction of world-class brands, the introduction of advanced technology, together produce a powerful technical strength, speed up the Tianjin into a world-class bicycle industry base.

Magnesium alloy bicycle and its industrial chain development will be in the "bicycle kingdom" an exciting, high-end bicycle sales will also be gathered here. Some experts believe that: important components of this project lies in innovation and the industrial development model, is no longer satisfied with mere strength of construction of production technologies, but to technical strength and industrial and cultural soft power, combine, and to gather distinctive comprehensive competitive force. Tianjin bicycle industry will be manufacturing the first to create a first transformation, gradually become a world-class bicycle industry, manufacturing, distribution and R & D center. Magnesium alloy bicycle built "aircraft carrier" base, would go all out fight for the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the realization of magnesium alloy bike 100-1500000 for industrial development planning.
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Magnesium Alloy Bicycle Industry

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